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Thank you for your interest in the Can-Back canvas camper shell.

Can-Back was recently purchased and is in the process of developing its new Phoenix, AZ manufacturing location.

Our primary goal is to maintain the high quality standards set by the previous company, and to ship the Can-Back within 24 hours of the order. In order to do this, we will build inventories over the first year of production.

UPDATE (May 2015):
Can-Back had a few setbacks in getting back into production. We refuse to compromise on manufacturing quality or the ability to ship the tops on time. We have finally have a team in place that is able to meet these standards.

We are now in the process of confirming the final production process, and we expect to restart production in July 2015. Because of the number of inquiries that we have had, it is going to take roughly one month per vehicle to clear the backlog of orders.

Please add your name to our Status Notification List, and we will send you two emails and a phone call when your vehicle is ready for production.

Can-Back Canvas Camper Shell
  • Original Canvas Camper shell featured on Trucks TV show.
  • Fabric available in Black, or Tan.
  • All 4 sides roll up as well as zip off.
  • Large windows in front and rear panels.
    --Side panel windows are available for pickup trucks
    --Side panel are standard on SUV style tops
  • Open framework provides clean access to the bed.
  • Clamp-on design for no-drill attachment to truck.
  • The frame can be drilled and bolted to te truck for a clean look.
  • Heavy-duty frame supports 75 lbs per optional cargo cross bars.
    --Two mounting locations are standard on 6.5ft or shorter beds
    --Three mounting locations are standard on 8ft or beds
    --Two (5.5-6.5 ft beds) or Three (8ft ) Additional mounting locations are available
    --Reinforcement supports are available to double the load capacity per cross bar.
  • Stainless steel structure (side rails, hoops, and spreader bars).
  • New Design Feature: Removeable bar over the top of the tailgate to snap the rear panel.

New Design Features and Materials
  • Sunbrella Fabric
    • Sunbrella Premium Top Panel
      Sunbrella fabric with waterproof lining
    • Sunbrella Plus Side Panels
      Allows the top to breath so humidity is not trapped inside
  • Strataglass Marine Grade, Smoke Tinted Windows
  • Gore Tenara Thread
  • YKK Zipper Side panels: All four side panels can be rolled up to the top, or completely removed
  • Removable Rear Tail Bar
    Rear panel attaches to removeable tail bar instead of top of tailgate.
  • Stainless Steel Structure (side rails and hoops) is now standard.

  • $1,500 - Full Size Short (5.5' - 6.5') Bed
  • $1,700 - Full Size Long (8') Bed
  • $1,500 - Compact Trucks (4.5' - 6') Bed (Tacoma, Frontier, Ranger, S10)
  • $1,700 - 4-Runner (includes side panel windows)
  • $1,700 - 76-91 Blazer (includes side-panel windows)
  • $1,700 - 78-96 Bronco (includes side-panel windows)
  • $1,700 - 66-77 Bronco (includes side-panel windows)
  • $1,700 - 69-72 & 73-75 Blazer (includes side-panel windows)
  • $300 - Optional Cargo Cross Bar Kit (two bars) (to mount basket or other accessories)
  • $399 - Optional Roof Basket 52"(L) x 48"(W) (requires cross bar kit)
  • $200 - Optional Light Bar: Mounts 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 lights
Shipping/Handling will be $55 for all trucks except:
Ford Bronco: $145

AZ Residents will be charged sales tax.
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We will send you an email and/or call you whenever appropriate based upon your vehicle, level of interest, and comments. Your information will never be sold. Our only use of this information will be to update you on the status of the Can-Back production.
These are images of some of the products previously offered.
Some of the accessories will be modified or discontinued.
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