CAN-BACK History
The CAN-BACK was created in Azusa, CA in 1995, and quickly became known for its unique look and construction. After a decade of service, the tops became recognized for their quality as they still maintained their classic looks. Due to an economic downturn, CAN-BACK halted production in 2006. However, in 2013 the CAN-BACK manufacturer was brought back to life with the intent of building upon the quality and reputation of the original. Today, CAN-BACK is proud to return the highest quality canvas camper shell to the market.

We are exceptionally pleased that not only is CAN-BACK manufactured in the United States, most of its materials are manufactured in the United States as well.

What's Next for CAN-BACK?
CAN-BACK is quickly developing new camper shells for different makes and model pickup trucks. Make sure to stay up to date so you know when the CAN-BACK available for your truck. You can follow us on Facebook and Instagram and subscribe to our mailing list. If you'd like to check us out in person, you can see us at a variety of events throughout the southwest listed below and for dealer information on where you can buy a CAN-BACK, make sure the click the DEALERS link for more information!


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